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Single-Sink and Whole-House Water Filtration Solutions


water is one of the world’s purest resources, but our modern systems strip water of its natural purity and fills it with toxins and chemicals.


With our single-sink and whole-house water filtration products, you can restore your water back to its natural state by removing contaminants, chemicals, and bacteria.



In-home water filtration solutions ensure you and your family are drinking and using high-quality, healthy water that comes directly from your current water sources, like sinks and showers. We offer single-sink options to filter water at an individual sink (most often the primary kitchen sink) and whole-house solutions that filter water at the main source before flowing through your home's plumbing system. Juniper sells water filtration devices created by the award-winning WateRx, a family-owned company that has led the way on water safety and innovation in water filtration units. 


Single-Sink Solutions


Whole-House Solutions


lifetime warranty

Water filter solutions purchased through Juniper come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, WateRx. 

proud partner

We are proud to offer water filtration units from WateRx, a family-owned company based in Cincinnati, OH, that has offered custom-built and hand-assembled water filters to customers for more than 35 years.

health legacy

Your health legacy improves as you eliminate the need to purchase plastic water bottles and the many negative health impacts that come with them such as: pollution created when plastics are melted, the chemicals that are poured directly into our earth’s water sources, and the petroleum used to fuel delivery trucks, just to name a few.