I struggled with ulcerative colitis for several years, which was expensive to manage! I tried changing my diet, limiting caffeine intake and exercising to encourage my body to heal-nothing seemed to work. I stumbled upon Kangen Water at a health fair, started drinking it and my ulcerative colitis went away within 2 weeks. I give thanks every single day that my body has healed and that I am a PROUD owner of an Enagic Kangen Water Machine!
— Elizabeth t.
After reading the benefits of Kangen Water I decided to purchase my own device. I am used to my annual round of upper respiratory problems however I have not had one single issue since getting my Kangen Machine installed! Overall, a very noticeable improvement in my general health and it has only been 4 1/2 months!
— Teresa R.
My introduction to Enagic’s Anespa and Kangen Water Machine was a direct result of a breast cancer diagnosis. I became aware that chemotherapy would significantly dry out my skin so I was encouraged to try these products. I was definitely not disappointed. I never experienced the harsh side effects of the chemotherapy on my skin and I attribute that to the regular use of these great products. I highly recommend Anespa and Kangen Water for all to purchase and utilize, but especially cancer patients in treatment.
— Lynn J.
Alex Toth and Cat Harpen are amazing resources in providing the absolute best drinking water available. I own an Enagic Kangen Water Machine as well as an Anespa for our shower. I know that I’m giving my body the best alkalized, antioxidant water there is. Even my dog, Holly, will only drink Kangen Water! I feel more hydrated when drinking it, as opposed to the water I drank before I invested in my Kangen Water Machine. Alex and Cat walk their talk in our community and are also wonderful mentors to other small business owners. I’m so happy to have them in my life and in my health. They have positively impacted both.
— Lyn H.
Working with Juniper has been a great experience. It was a seamless transition getting my whole house system installed. I feel good knowing that I’ve provided quality water in my house for multiple generations. I honestly didn’t know my water could taste so pure! Thank you Alex.
— Dennis O.
I have been using the Enagic Kangen Water Machine for two years now. I am extremely pleased with the product and service received through Cat Harpen. I love that I am getting the alkalized water into my system helping balance my pH, knowing that disease thrives on an acidic system. It also makes me feel proud and responsible for our Earth and what we leave behind. Thank you, Cat, for your continued support.
— Karen W.
I bought my Kangen Machine in June 2017 and my life has truly changed for the better. It has made my life better on both a health and spiritual front. I have now changed my eating habits to a cleaner diet, exercise more and have a more positive outlook on life. I made myself important and I thank Kangen Water for that.
— Amanda A.
My wife and I purchased our Kangen Water Machine two years ago. I was initially drawn to it because of my family’s health history and wanting to do everything I can to remove inflammation in my body. I loved the Kangen Water the first time I drank it and initially, my wife and kids thought I was crazy. Now that we have the Kangen Machine and a WateRx’s filtration system installed in our house we are all “water snobs”. Even my 16 year old son recently told me that the water really does taste better. The reason I purchased my machine through Cat and Alex is because they are knowledgeable about what they do and I trust them with my closest family and friends.
— Matt S.