The Juniper Way


We center our mission and our story around the stunning example of the juniper tree. The juniper tree has learned how to thrive in harsh environments. It has done so by adapting to the world around it to find sources of strength and life.

As individuals, we can be like the juniper tree by incorporating health, wellness, and balance in our bodies, homes, and environments.

We help you embrace the juniper way in your own life.

Juniper offers wellness products and solutions that support energy and health while reducing toxins and pollutants.

We believe that so much of what we need comes from the earth in pure, amazing forms. And yet, so much of our modern lifestyle is saturated in toxicity--our world is not the same as it was 100 years ago. Everyday, we have the power to create balance--as well as imbalance--in our bodies, homes, and the environment.

Through education and our wellness products, Juniper is actively helping you create a positive health legacy and live your life in balance. Your health legacy is the impact that your lifestyle and product choices have on your personal health and wellness, the wellbeing of your family, and the environment.

Each of us has the power to create a lasting legacy of health.