The Anespa Home Spa System brings the serenity and healing power of natural hot springs right to your home.

My introduction to Enagic’s Anespa was a direct result of a breast cancer diagnosis. I became aware that chemotherapy would significantly dry out my skin, so I was encouraged to try this product. I was definitely not disappointed. I never experienced the harsh side effects of the chemotherapy on my skin, and I attribute that to the regular use of this great product. I highly recommend Anespa for all to purchase and utilize, but especially cancer patients in treatment.
— Lynn J.

the anespa system transforms your shower and bath tap water into a constant stream of mineral ion water that activates health in your skin and hair.


By filtering water through a twin cartridge, the Anespa Home Spa System effectively removes the chlorine and bacteria that exist in your water. Simple to install and easy to use, providing the entire household with a fresh, mineral-rich and clean shower every time.


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You don't need to take our word for it: listen to our customers! We have dozens of individuals and families who are using Juniper wellness solutions to change their lives and create a positive health legacy for their families. 

exclusive product from enagic

The Anespa Home Spa System is an exclusive product from Enagic, the world's leading innovator of water ionizing solutions. Learn more about why we're proud to partner with Enagic.