life in balance


Juniper is a lifestyle business that helps you build a positive health legacy through wellness products and education.


the juniper story

We are on a mission to provide products and lifestyle solutions that encourage you to take action today to preserve a better tomorrow. 

we center our story around the stunning example of the juniper tree.

The juniper tree has learned how to thrive in harsh environments by adapting to the world around it by finding sources of strength and life. As individuals, we can be like the juniper tree by incorporating health, wellness, and balance in our bodies, homes, and the environment.


our partners

Juniper is dedicated to helping you find your way back to your true nature through water and wellness products that support your body, home, and the environment. We are proud to partner with amazing companies to offer products that support our mission. From the world's leading manufacturer of water ionizers to local small businesses, our partners are as diverse and varied as the products and services they offer. Learn more about the companies and people who are essential to Juniper...and find out how you can be a part of our team, too! 


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